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Hilal Orhan




-          Long-term overseas experience ( USA 8 years, England 5 years)

-          Fluent in English (both American and British English—I am a dual citizen)

-          Working at Directorate of Strategic Development-EU and External Relations, Municipality of Kartal

-          Worked at Harvard University (USA) Finance and Resource Development for 5 years.

-          Experienced in grant project applications to EU and World Bank.

-          Worked for various sectors in Turkey (international trade, manufacturing, maritime and petroleum)

-          Trained in mediation and communication (Harvard Negotiation Project – “Getting to YES”)


2007 – Present  Directorate of Strategic Development, Municipality of Kartal  - EU and

            External Relation, Strategic Planner and European Union Project Administrator

·         Make projects to improve economy and employment in Kartal.

·         Meet with public and private sector to generate projects. ( list of activities and meetings below)

·         Make strategic plans for the Municipality in line with our mission and the Law for Municipalities.

·         Apply and manage EU projects that are within these strategic plans.  

·         Be a liaison between the Municipality and Istanbul2010 Office for cultural projects.

·         Be a liaison, negotiate and mediate with both local and international institutions and Municipalities for further projects.


List of Activities and Meetings


Projects that will improve economy and employment in Kartal were developed from the one-to-one meetings I had during the following list of meetings with the attendees. Here are some of the meetings and their outcomes:


·         TUSCON-Turkey Asia-Pasific2 meeting in June 2008. Met TACC-Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and the President of India International Trade Center. Kartal will host a symposium to foreign investors from both America and India in 2009. 

·         Justice and Development Party Istanbul Office hosted “1. Istanbul International Local Governance Symposium” in April. Met Mayors or Officials from 16 municipalities around the globe and sharing “the best practices”.

·         Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT) – European Free Zone organized a meeting. Met head of German – Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kartal is planning to organize a meeting with German SMEs in 2009.

·         British Embassy and EPIC-European Policy Information Center hosted “Lizbon Strategy” meeting in February. Kartal is leading the way for SMEs to complete their checklist for the Lizbon Strategy.

·         Municipality of Kartal organized a conference to SMEs that locate in Kartal with partnership of DEIK, KOSGEB in February’08.  An offer came to establish a technical university.



2000-2003 Northeastern University, U.S.A (GPA 3.56)   MBA- Master in Business Administration          1989-1993 Kensington College of Business, England      British National Diploma in Management




Turkish – Amerikan and locates in İstanbul, Turkey now.

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